Shoot a Live Music Video

Regular price $250.00

Are you a band or artist in the Nashville, TN area? Or maybe your tour is bringing you through the area sometime soon. Captain Ivory has a fully operational (mobile) video and audio production suite we built to get our brand out to the masses.

We'll provide the same service to you. 

Youtube is the number one place people go to listen to music. Every artist needs high quality video content to boost their online presence. We can help you!

What We Provide

$250 per song gets you:

  • Full multitrack live audio recording.
  • Professional mixing & mastering.
  • Multi-camera live HD video shooting.
  • Professional video editing & post production.
  • High quality lighting
  • Dedicated studio/production space available, upon request.
  • One kickass video to spread around social media!

Want to record more than one song? We'll cut you a deal on the price for three or more songs. In just a couple hours we can capture enough material to give you six months worth of online content. 

Here's an example from our archive: